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Moss on a concrete driveway

The Best Ways to Kill Moss On Driveways

Moss on a concrete driveway

To get rid of moss on your driveway, consider using natural treatments such as vinegar or sodium percarbonate, which are safe for the environment.

If you prefer, shop-bought solutions containing iron sulphate or potassium salts are efficient in creating conditions that moss can’t thrive in.

No matter which option you opt for, being persistent is crucial. For persistent moss, a bleach solution can be remarkably effective.

Regular brushing, altering the soil’s pH, and intelligent vehicle parking are beneficial ways to prevent moss.

Lastly, don’t forget that there are plenty more treatments and preventative methods out there to help keep your driveway clear and moss-free.

Keep reading to find out all the ways you can get rid of moss from your concrete driveway.

Understanding Why Moss Grows on Concrete Driveways

Moss often grows on driveways, particularly if they’re made from blocks or paving and situated in damp areas. These specific conditions are perfect for moss growth. Moss flourishes when there’s plenty of light and moisture, which are often found in the crevices of your driveway.

Here’s a fact you may not know: moss spores can float in the air. This means they can easily land on your driveway, especially during winter and spring when conditions are ideal for their growth. This is why you frequently see moss appearing on your driveway during these seasons.

If you’ve ever wondered why some driveways have more moss than others, the answer is maintenance. Not cleaning can make moss growth on driveways worse. Over time, small patches of green can spread, covering the entire surface.

Regular upkeep and cleaning can prevent moss from becoming an unwanted green blanket on your driveway.

Chemical-Free Moss Killing Methods

Let’s address the issue of moss on your driveway using natural, chemical-free methods such as vinegar or sodium percarbonate. These options not only preserve the environment, but also guard the nearby plants against any damage.

Here’s a four-step guide on how to effectively utilise these methods:

  1. Select Your Tool: Choose between vinegar and sodium percarbonate. Both are able to eliminate moss but may necessitate different tactics.
  2. Use: Spray vinegar directly onto the areas infested with moss. If you’re using sodium percarbonate, blend it with water to create your moss-eliminating solution.
  3. Wait and Observe: Be patient. These natural methods might take a bit longer to demonstrate results compared to their chemical equivalents.
  4. Frequent Upkeep: Monitor your driveway. Regularly applying these natural treatments can assist in preventing future moss growth.

Effective Store-Bought Solutions

While natural methods have their benefits, you may find that shop-bought solutions offer a swift and efficient alternative for eliminating moss on driveways. These items usually contain active elements like iron sulphate or potassium salts. They function by modifying the pH balance of the soil, producing conditions that are unsuitable for moss growth.

One of the major benefits of shop-bought moss killers is their simplicity of use. They’re available in different forms such as liquid concentrate, granules, or ready-to-use spray bottles. You merely apply them to the moss-covered areas of your driveway, and they perform the task for you.

Some of these items even provide lasting protection. They not only eradicate existing moss but also hinder its regrowth for a lengthy period of time. This means you won’t have to reapply the solution as often, saving you time and effort.

But bear in mind, before utilising any shop-bought moss killer, it’s crucial to thoroughly read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures you’ll achieve the best results and also protects your safety. So, if you’re in search of a swift, efficient solution, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of shop-bought moss killers.

Prevention and Maintenance Techniques

Shifting your focus towards prevention and maintenance could spare you the trouble of tackling moss on your driveway initially. Regular care and thoughtful steps can help maintain your driveway free from moss and enhance its overall look. Here are four simple, effective strategies you can use:

  1. Cut Back Overgrown Plants: Excessive plants can cast a shadow on your driveway, creating a perfect environment for moss. Keep the plants around your driveway cut back to allow more sunlight, which discourages moss growth.
  2. Clean Frequently: Make it a routine to sweep and clean your driveway frequently. This aids in preventing moss spores from settling and re-growing.
  3. Alter Soil pH: Moss flourishes in acidic conditions. Scatter baking soda or horticultural lime on your driveway to increase the pH level, creating an unfavourable environment for moss growth.
  4. Thoughtful Parking: If feasible, park your vehicles in such a way that sunlight can reach different parts of the driveway throughout the day. This helps to hinder moss formation.

Dealing With Stubborn Moss Infestations

When you’re faced with stubborn moss infestations on your driveway, a solution of bleach can be your best tool. Mix 5 tablespoons of bleach with about 4.5 litres of water. This potent solution effectively eradicates stubborn moss. But don’t hurry the process. Let the bleach solution remain on the moss for 15 minutes before washing it off. This gives it enough time to work.

After the bleach treatment, scrub away the dead moss using a firm-bristled brush. This ensures that your driveway isn’t only free of moss but also clean. Regular brushing following treatment helps keep the driveway clear, preventing moss spores from settling and stopping regrowth.

To further deter moss, consider adjusting the soil pH around your driveway. Using bicarbonate of soda or agricultural lime can make the environment less welcoming to moss.

Remember, dealing with stubborn moss isn’t only about getting rid of it; it’s about taking measures to prevent it from returning. Stay alert and keep your driveway free of moss.


So, you’ve learnt how to tackle that troublesome moss on your driveway. From comprehending its growth, attempting methods free of chemicals, to utilising effective solutions bought from the shop, you’re prepared.

Don’t forget about the prevention and maintenance strategies we gave you ensure moss stays away from your drive.