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Looking to Install In Situ Concrete In Melbourne?

We at Smooth Concrete can provide your build site with the most pristine in situ concrete installation Melbourne has to offer. We specialise in delivering this outstanding landscaping construction technique for homes and businesses all throughout Melbourne.

Whether you need cast-in-place concrete for your residential or commercial property, our situ concrete is perfect for parks, gardens, pool sides, and other applications where architecture and engineering meet in landscape design.

We take pride in the quality, strength, and durability of the situ concrete that we pour and our clients can attest to the level of quality that we deliver with no compromise or cutting any corners.

Cast In Situ Concrete Contractors In Melbourne

We are proud to say that we are the cast in situ concrete contractors Melbourne residents call when they want the most solidly built foundations for their construction sites.

Smooth Concrete has years of skills, knowledge, and experience in applying the most effective situ concreting techniques, technologies, and materials to build everything from retaining walls to stairs and steps to seating.

Our in situ concrete paving specialists are highly trained and qualified and have worked on hundreds of projects throughout Melbourne with nothing but compliments and applause from the property owners.

Cast In-Place Concrete Installations

If you are looking for the highest quality cast-in-place concrete Melbourne property owners, builders, and developers rely on, then there is no question that you need to be working with our team at Smooth Concrete.

Our team of situ concrete experts fully understand the keen attention needed when it comes to the materials and processes. This is why we have managed to build the most solid foundations and the most durable structures all around Melbourne.

We are a fully licenced and insured concreting company and therefore can assure you that we follow the strictest safety protocols and highest quality standards set by industry authorities and the Australian government. So, if you want the most solid situ concrete in Melbourne, get in touch with us today.

FAQ About In Situ Concrete

“Cast in situ” concrete refers to the process of casting and curing concrete directly at the construction site in the place where it will remain permanently, rather than using pre-cast concrete which is made elsewhere and then brought to the installation site.

Advantages of In-Situ Concrete:

  • In-situ concrete allows for flexibility in design, as it can be cast into any shape or form.
  • Since it is poured on-site, it forms a monolithic structure, which can be beneficial for structural integrity.
  • It is immediately available, there’s no need to wait for prefabricated elements to be manufactured and transported to the site.
  • In-situ concrete structures typically have fewer joints, which can lead to better performance and durability.
  • It can be adapted to suit any changes or modifications that might arise during construction.
  • In certain situations, in-situ concrete can be more cost-effective than precast concrete, especially when transportation and handling costs of precast elements are considered.

 Disadvantages of In-Situ Concrete:

  • The process is dependent on weather conditions. Rain or extreme temperatures can affect the quality of the concrete.
  • In-situ concrete requires time for curing, which can slow down the construction process.
  • Achieving consistent quality can be challenging since the conditions on-site can vary.
  • The process requires skilled labour for proper mixing, placing, and curing of the concrete.
  • Formwork is required to shape the concrete, which can add to the cost and time of construction.
  • Proper curing is essential to achieve the desired strength and durability, which can be time-consuming.

This will depend on several factors. Typically speaking, in situ concrete is cheaper if the project is a large scale one or is complex. In other scenarios, pre-cast concrete can be a cheaper choice.

Yes, pre-tensioned concrete can be cast in-situ. While pre-tensioned concrete is often associated with pre-cast concrete, it is entirely possible to apply the pre-tensioning process on-site with in-situ casting. The key is to ensure that the tendons can be properly tensioned and anchored before the concrete is poured, and that the concrete can achieve the necessary strength before the tendons are released.

However, it’s worth noting that while it is possible, in-situ casting of pre-tensioned concrete is less common than pre-casting, mainly due to the challenges and complexities involved in tensioning and anchoring the tendons on a construction site. But with the right equipment and expertise, it can be done effectively.

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Manoj Rai
Manoj Rai
Excellent team led by Luke, friendly and knows what he is doing . Had concreting done around my house today and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to do concreting.
Hassan Kazmi
Hassan Kazmi
Highly recommended.
Nefarious Racing
Nefarious Racing
Highly recommend Smooth Concrete! Had they do one of my properties' driveway while I was out of the country, they handled the whole thing very professionally, got it done on time and did an amazing job. Highly recommend Luke and his team.
Nigel Carter
Nigel Carter
I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Smooth concrete. Luke is a true professional who takes pride in his work. My driveway looks immaculate. He was friendly, thorough, and came to my location with all the necessary equipment. Highly recommend!
Jordyn Sanajko
Jordyn Sanajko
Forget about any other company you're considering for your next home project and go with smooth! Firstly, the entire process was fast and easy. You can get a quote online for free. Just by sending through a few pictures. The next day i received the quote , which was actually cheaper than i was expecting. And the job was booked in. Their team are friendly & respectful people who love their work. The craftsmanship is top tier, they are very fussy with their final product and i couldn't be more happier! Thanks luke 👍🏼
Billy Kyriakopoulos
Billy Kyriakopoulos
Smooth concrete were great! Great work from start to finish. From the initial quotation process to the end result. Thanks again to Luke and his team!
Isabel Hutton
Isabel Hutton
Luke and the guys at Smooth Concrete were seriously great. They did a brilliant job of turning my backyard into a destination. I am so thankful for the way they worked to get the job done. They made it happen. So thankful, definitely recommend them, fantastic highly professional result.
Martin Valastro
Martin Valastro
We booked with Smooth Concrete after a friend highly recommended them for the works they did on their driveway. We wanted to extend our concrete from our back door into the backyard. -Arrived on time -Great quote -Easy to work with / understood our vision. The works were finished in 2 days. We were gob smacked by how quick our backyard was changed. Thanks Luke and the team at smooth concrete!! Highly recommend.
Scott Bartho
Scott Bartho
I've worked with Smooth Concrete on a few large projects over the years. I've always found them to be professional and courteous with exceptional attention to detail. Great concreters!

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