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Colour sealing a concrete driveway

Can You Colour Seal a Plain Concrete Driveway?

Colour sealing a concrete driveway

Indeed, you can apply a colour seal to a plain concrete driveway! It’s an excellent way to enhance the look of your driveway whilst also extending its durability and simplifying its upkeep.

Additionally, it offers a robust and affordable alternative to traditional paving paint. The procedure utilises a coloured sealer, available in a range of colour choices to match your taste.

If you’re keen to learn how to avoid common colour sealing mistakes and understand the sealing procedure, keep reading.

What Is Concrete Colour Sealing?

Colour concrete sealing is a procedure in which a tinted sealer is used on a concrete driveway to boost its look and lifespan. Tinted sealers aren’t merely a practical solution for extending the life of your driveway, but also an inventive method to change its look. You’re no longer limited to the typical grey; these sealers are available in a variety of colours to modify the colour of your driveway.

Consider it as a cost-effective, durable alternative to conventional paving paint. You’re not just enhancing your driveway’s durability but also improving its visual appeal without having to spend a significant amount of money. It’s not surprising that tinted sealers are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in Australia. These are simple to apply and maintain, making them a practical option for those seeking a straightforward way of adding colour to their driveways.

Benefits of Colour Sealing

One significant benefit of colour sealing is the protection it provides. Your driveway can face a lot of wear and tear, and colour sealing defends it from such damage. It effectively prolongs the lifespan of your driveway, saving you from regular repairs or replacements, thereby reducing costs.

Maintenance is another area where you’ll notice the advantages. A colour sealed driveway is easier to clean compared to unsealed concrete. Thus, you’ll expend less time and effort maintaining your driveway in optimum condition.

Colour Sealing Vs. Concrete Paint

When weighing up colour sealing and concrete paint for your unadorned concrete driveway, it’s crucial to recognise that the former delivers outstanding durability and enduring colour enhancement. Colour sealing not only bestows a vivid, renewed appearance, but it also shields the surface from wear and tear.

Conversely, concrete paint can lend your driveway a fresh appearance, but it’s prone to flaking and becoming slippery as time passes. Furthermore, it doesn’t preserve the texture of the concrete as effectively as colour sealing does.

So, when choosing between these two options, there are a few key points to ponder:

  • Colour sealing provides a robust and protective coating that enhances the natural look of your concrete. This makes it a prime option for service stations, car parks, and other commercial uses.
  • Despite its initial charm, concrete paint doesn’t endure as well over time. The paint can flake and lose its grip, rendering the surface slippery and potentially dangerous.
  • Colour sealing is versatile and appropriate for a range of surfaces, including driveways, pathways, and more. It provides a dependable solution that guarantees your concrete remains safeguarded and visually pleasing for many years to come.

How to Choose the Right Sealer

Coloured sealers are available in a range of colours and finishes, so you’re bound to find one that matches your taste. Whether you’re seeking a glossy finish for a sleek appearance or a matte finish for a more classic feel, there’s a coloured sealer out there for you. Remember, it’s key to ensure compatibility between the sealer and the colour you choose. The last thing you want is a colour that looks fantastic in the tin but clashes horribly once used.

Steps to Colour Seal a Driveway

To colour seal your driveway, you must first thoroughly clean and prepare the concrete surface. It’s crucial to remove any dirt and grime as these can hinder the sealer from sticking correctly. For optimum results, use a high-pressure water cleaner and let the surface dry entirely.

Next, select the colour and finish that best matches your home. There are numerous options available, so you’re bound to find something that fits your style and enhances your property’s overall look.

When applying the sealer, adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, you’ll need to distribute the sealer evenly across the concrete using a paint roller or sprayer. Allow it to dry before applying a second layer, if required.

Remember to:

  • Consult an expert for the best sealing products and techniques.
  • Let the sealer dry thoroughly before using the driveway.
  • Use protective clothing during application to avoid skin or eye irritation.

With a little effort and the right materials, you can colour seal your driveway to improve its look and extend its durability.

Maintenance of Colour Sealed Concrete

Maintaining your colour sealed concrete driveway in top-notch condition involves more than just the initial application, it also includes regular upkeep, such as cleaning with a gentle soap and water. This straightforward step helps keep your driveway looking its best by removing grime and preventing accumulation. Just be sure to avoid potent chemicals or rough tools, as these can harm the colour sealant, ruining the appearance you’ve taken great effort to achieve.

However, maintenance doesn’t end there. Regular resealing every 2-3 years is vital to ensuring the durability and safeguarding of your colour seal. This not only keeps your driveway appearing fresh; it’s a preventative action that defends against wear and tear.

Be mindful of stains or spills, too. Tackle these immediately to stop them from seeping into the colour sealant, which could result in permanent damage.

Common Colour Sealing Mistakes

While colour sealing your concrete driveway can significantly boost its visual appeal, there are common mistakes you need to avoid.

Here are some of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them to ensure a successful colour sealing project.

Avoiding Sealant Application Errors

To make sure your concrete driveway looks top-notch, it’s crucial to avoid typical colour sealing errors, such as neglecting the cleaning stage or unevenly applying the sealant. Careful preparation and a keen eye for detail are needed for a successful sealing job.

Here’s how to prevent mistakes:

  • Always thoroughly clean your driveway before applying anything. Dirt, grease, or oil can disrupt the sealant’s adhesion, leading to subpar outcomes.
  • Ensure the sealant is applied uniformly. If it’s not, you could end up with streaks or patches of inconsistent colour.
  • Allow ample time for drying. If you rush this step, the sealant’s bond with the concrete might be weakened, reducing its durability.

Consequences of Incorrect Sealing

An incorrect seal can result in the colour sealant on your concrete driveway peeling, flaking, or forming bubbles.

Using an unsuitable type of sealer can lead to poor adhesion and eventual failure of the colour sealant. Insufficient preparation of the surface, such as inadequate cleaning or etching of the concrete, can prevent the sealant from bonding effectively.

Applying sealant in extreme heat or humidity can cause improper curing and issues with adhesion. Additionally, applying an excess or insufficient amount of sealant can adversely affect the look and lifespan of your driveway’s finish.

How Much Does Colour Sealing Cost?

When considering the financial aspect of colour sealing, you’ll discover that the cost for a basic concrete driveway usually ranges from $7 to $14 per square metre. However, this doesn’t include all the potential expenses, as several other components can affect the final amount.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the initial price usually doesn’t cover surface preparation and cleaning. Depending on the state of your driveway, you may need to pay extra for these services. Additionally, the expense of the sealing materials can increase your costs.

There are other factors which could modify the total amount:

  • The dimensions of your driveway: More substantial driveways need more materials and labour, thus they’re more expensive to seal.
  • The complexity of your chosen colour: If you desire a unique or intricate colour, it might cost you more.
  • Possible package deals or price reductions: Some tradespeople may provide deals for larger areas.


In summary, applying a colour seal to your concrete driveway is an excellent method to improve its appearance, safeguard it from harm, and prolong its durability. It’s crucial to select the right sealant and follow the proper procedures to avoid common errors.

Bear in mind, the success of your colour sealing project relies on the finer details.